Take Painting

Petah Tikva Museum, 2016

Take Painting

Petah Tikva Museum

Curator: Larry Abramson

My painting centers on objects used in the past: flint stones, which were used as weapons or tools; beads and necklaces, used for commercial or ritual purposes; strings of dried fruits used for display of the produce; ropes, braids, and mats. In my painting I try to go thousands of years back, to learn from the artisans who made the objects, and to create them anew. My brush digs in the paint, moving, removing, adding and heaping, attempting to braid and weave the paint, to hew and carve the painterly layers, to unstitch and reconnect.

While painting, I seek those moments in which the objects acquire a life of their own, transforming into a sign, a borderline between hues, a magical rock, a painterly mandala, a giant color wheel; full partners in the mysterious choreography of the dance of painting.

I try to eliminate any physical or concrete locus other than the painting itself. The painting has neither ground nor horizon; the objects are weightless. I try to create a space of consciousness in which every object carries the entire burden of its historical meanings, and at the same time—becomes a part of something else, greater but also smaller than it, at once significant and insignificant: a painting.