Blinking Displays

Tel Aviv Artista House, 2015

Blinking Displays

Tel Aviv Artists House, 2015

Curators: Orly Hoffman and Arie Berkowitz

Tal Yerushalmi finds her sources of inspiration among the pages of history and archeological finds.

Ancient civilizations, found tools, fossil remains, plants, ropes and stones accumulate to the body of knowledge, opening channels of communication between then and now. Yerushalmi serves as a content collector and uses data distributed on networks and websites. Exploration of the findings segmentes histories of time, geography, natural and climatic systems as well as life forms, intelligent societies, strategies of survival and war. She gathers information and captures the patterns of shapes and textures that are increasingly separated from the functions and relations of the artefacts, and become an independent subject.

Yerushalmi's work brings together traditional creative activities with broadband communication channels and the use of the latest technologies before it. Images that undergo a constructive and conceptual process of disassembly and assembly, devoid of ethics of importance and duration, and offer a new and independent performance and interpretation.